Nos Reference Title Nos Reference Title
1 2Cor1v1to2 Introduction 16 2Cor8v1to15 Generosity encouraged
2 2Cor1v3to11 The God of all comfort 17 2Cor8v16to24 Titus sent to Corinth
3 2Cor1v12to2v4 Paul's change of plans 18 2Cor9v6to15 Sowing Generously
4 2Cor2v5to11 Forgiveness for the sinner 19 2Cor10 Paul defends his ministry
5 2Cor2v12to17 The fragrance of life 20 2Cor11v1to15 Paul and the false apostles
6 2Cor3v1to3 Living epistles 21 2Cor11v16to33 Paul boasts about sufferings
7 2Cor3v4to18 The New Covenant 22 2Cor12v1to10 Paul's thorn in the flesh
8 2Cor4v1to6 Let the light shine 23 2Cor12v11to21 Church failings
9 2Cor4v7to12 Treasure in jars of clay 24 2Cor13 Paul's final appeal
10 2Cor4v13to18 We do not lose heart      
11 2Cor5v1to5 Our heavenly dwelling      
12 2Cor5v11to21 Ministry of Reconciliation      
13 2Cor6v3to13 Paul's Hardships      
14 2Cor6v14to7v1 Do not be unequally yoked      
15 2Cor7v2to16 Paul's joy      
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