Genesis2v1 to 2

Anyone who is unbiased would admit that the first chapter of Genesis is remarkable because a pre-scientific writer got the sequence right for the major events in the history of our planet. Scientific research into the origins of the atmosphere, the oceans and continents and life itself validates the Genesis account. However it is also true, for those who accept the authority of the Bible, that the account validates science. This is sometimes forgotten by those who take a too literal approach to Genesis chapter 1. The orderly and reasonable succession of events in the creation story suggest that God used processes that can be investigated by scientists. It is, therefore, very wrong to rubbish the findings of scientists and to insist that the creation took, literally, six days as we measure days. Doubtless God could create the earth in six days but it is unlikely that he would do so in such a way as to suggest that it all happened over millions of years. This would amount to a gigantic con trick.

This is the best that I can do. I am quite happy to modify this article as I recieve information from people with more specialist knowledge than I possess who are interested in the truth and with no axe to grind.