Nos Reference Title Nos Reference Title
(1) Introduction Introduction (22) Exodus21 Lessons from the Law
(2) Exodus1 Israelites enslaved in Egypt (23) Exodus22to23v9 The purpose of the Law
(3) Exodus2v1to10 The birth of Moses (24) Exodus23v10to19 More lessons from the Law
(4) Exodus2v11to25 Moses flees to Midian (25) Exodus23v20to33 The Divine Way
(5) Ex3v1to4v17 Moses and the burning bush (26) Exodus24 Moses on Mount Sinai
(6) Exodus4v18to31 Moses returns to Egypt (27) Exodus25 God's dwelling among men
(7) Exodus5to6v12 Prelude to the nine Plagues (28) Exodus26 The Tabernacle.
(8) Ex6v26to10v29 The plagues of Egypt (29) Exodus27 Altar, Courtyard, Lamp oil
(9) Exodus11and12 The Passover (30) Exodus28 The Priestly Garments
(10) Exodus12v31to41 The Exodus (31) Exodus29 Consecration of Priests
(11) Ex2v42toEx13v16 Commemorating the Exodus (32) Exodus30 A miscellany of items
(12) Exodus14 Crossing the Red Sea (33) Exodus31v1to11 Bezalel and Oholiab
(13) Exodus15v1to21 Song of Moses and Miriam (34) Exodus32 The Golden Calf
(14) Exodus15v22to27 Marah and Elim (35) Exodus33and34 Moses served the LORD
(15) Exodus16 Quails and Manna      
(16) Exodus17v1to7 Water from the rock      
(17) Exodus17v8to16 The Amalekites defeated      
(18) Exodus18 Jethro visits Moses      
(19) Exodus19 At Mount Sinai      
(20) Exodus20v1to17 The Ten Commandments      
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