Nos Reference Title
1   Introduction
2 Job1 Job is put to the test
3 Job2 Job's second test
4 Job3 Job's despair
5 Job4and5 Eliphaz's first speech.
6 Job6and7 Job's response to Eliphaz's first speech
7 Job8 Bildad's first speech
8 Job9and10 Job answers Bildad
9 Job11 Zophar's accusations
10 Job12to14 Job's reply to Zophar
11 Job15 Eliphaz's second attack
12 |Job16and17 Job replies to Eliphaz's second speech.
13 Job18and19 Bildad and Job go head to head
14 Job20and21 Zophar and Job trade blows
15 Job22to24 Job ignores Eliphaz's slander
16 Job25to28 God's power, justice and wisdom
17 Job29to31 Job sums up his case
18 Job32and33 Elihu's intervention
19 Job34to37 The supremacy of God
20 Job38to42 The LORD speaks
21 Job42v7to17 A happy ending