Nos Reference Title
(1) Matthew1v1to7 The Genealogy of Jesus
(2) Matthew1v18to25 Joseph the wife of Mary
(3) Matthew1v22 Immanuel
(4) Matthew2v1to12 The Wise Men
(5) Matthew2v13to23 The escape to Egypt
(6) Matthew3v1to12 John the Baptist prepares the way
(7) Matthew3v13to17 The Baptism of Jesus.
(8) Matthew4v1to11 The Temptation of Jesus
(9) Matthew4v12to25 Jesus: Preacher, Teacher and Healer
(10) Matthew5v1to12 The Beatitudes
(11) Matthew5v13to16 Salt of the earth
(12) Matthew5v17to20. Law and Grace
(13) Matthew5v21to26 The forbidden anger
(14) Matthew5v27to30 Lust and adultery in the heart
(15) Matthew5v31to32 Divorce
(16) Matthew5v33to37 Oaths
(17) Matthew5v38to42 The extra mile
(18) Matthew5v43to48 Love for enemies
(19) Matthew6v1to18 Giving, praying and fasting
(20) Matthew6v9to15 The Lord's prayer
(21) Matthew6v19to24 Lay up treasure in heaven.
(22) Matthew6v25to34 Do not worry
(23) Matthew7v1to5 Judging others
(24) Matthew7v6 Pearls before swine
(25) Matthew7v7to11 Ask, Seek, Knock
(26) Matthew7v12 The Golden Rule
(27) Matthew7v13to14 The Narrow and Wide Gates
(28) Matthew7v15to23 A Tree and its Fruit
(29) Matthew7v24to27 The Wise and Foolish Builders
(30) Matthew7v28 The incomparable teacher
(31) Matthew8v1to4 Jesus heals he leper
(32) Matthew8v5to13 The Centurion's faith
(33) Matthew8v14to17 Jesus heals many
(34) Matthew8v18to22 The cost of discipleship
(35) Matthew8v23to27 Jesus calms the storm
(36) Matthew8v28to34 Jesus heals the demoniacs
(37) Matthew9v1to8 Jesus heals a paralytic
(38) Matthew9v9to13 Jesus calls Matthew
(39) Matthew9v14to17 New wine into new wineskinssp
(40) Matthew9v18to26 Two daughters restored.
(41) Matthew9v27to34 Jesus heals the blind and mute
(42) Matthew10v1to4 The Twelve Disciples
(43) Matthew10v5to15 Disciples sent out
(44) Matthew10:16-23 Sheep among wolves
(45) Matthew10: 24-33 Don't be afraid
(46) Matthew10 34-42 Whose side are you on?
(47) Matthew11 1-19 Jesus and John the Baptist
(48) Matthew11 16-30 Unbelief
(49) Matthew12 1:14 Jesus Lord of the Sabbath
(50) Matthew12: 15-21 Jesus: God's Servant
(51) Matthew12:22-29 Jesus and Beelzebub
(52) Matthew12:30-37 The sin against the Holy Spirit
(53) Matthew12:38-45 The sign of Jonah
(54) Matthew12:46-50 Jesus' mother and brothers
(55) Matthew13v1to23 The Parable of the Sower
(56) Matthew13v24to30 The Parable of the Weeds
(57) Matthew13v31to35 Parables: Mustard Seed and the Yeast
(58) Matthew13v44to46 Parables: Hidden Treasure and Pearl
(59) Matthew13v47to50 The Parable of the Net
(60) Matthew13v53to58 A Prophet without Honour
(61) Matthew14v1to12 John the Baptist beheaded
(62) Matthew14v13to21 Feeding of the five thousand
(63) Matthew14v23to32 Peter a man of little faith
(64) Matthew15v1to20 Jesus confronts the Pharisees
(65) Matthew15v21to28 Jesus and the Canaanite Woman
(66) Matthew15v29to39. Christ's ministry to the Gentiles
(67) Matthew16v1to12 The demand for a sign
(68) Matthew6v13to20 Peter's confession of Christ
(69) Matthew16v21to28 Jesus predicts his death
(70) Matthew17v1to9 The transfiguration
(71) Matthew17v14to23 Healing the demon possessed boy
(72) Mattew17v24to27 The coin in the fishes' mouth.
(73) Matthew18v1to10 Greatest in the Kingdom of Heaven
(74) Matthew18v15to20 A brother who sins against you.
(75) Matthew18v21to35 The Parable of the unforgiving servant
(76) Matthew19v1to12 Divorce
(77) Matthew19v16to22 The Rich Young Ruler
(78) Matthew19v22to30 Who then can be saved?
(78) Matthew20v1to16 The workers in the vineyard
(79) Matthew20v17to28 He paid the ransom for me
(80) Matthew20v29to34 Blind men receive sight
(81) Matthew21v1to11 Jesus' triumphal entry
(82) Matthew21v12to17 Jesus cleanses the temple
(83) Matthew21v18to22 The withered fig tree
(84) Matthew21v23to27 Jesus' authority questioned
(85) Matthew21v28to32 Parable of the two sons