This section of my website is something of a distraction. It has nothing to do with the main purpose of the website. It is a throwback to my days as a teacher of Geomorphology. I have been interested in slope evolution since my student days when we debated whether slopes flattened or retreated. I experimented with squared paper to show how slopes were modified by weathering, mass action and erosion. I longed for a way to simulate the evolution of slopes. It would be great to animate the evolving slope. I thought it could be done on a computer but did not know how. Since my course on website design and introduction to JavaScript I did at last see how I could implement my ideas. I am not an expert in Geomorphology or IT but I do think the method I use to illustrate the behaviour of slopes is a good one and in more expert hands than my own could be developed further. Anyway you can judge for yourself if you enter below.