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1   Introduction 19 1Cor9v1to18 An apostle's rights
2 1Cor1v1to3 Hallmarks of Christianity 20 1Cor9v19to27 The apostle's responsibilities
3 1Cor1v4to9 A positive testimonial 21 1Cor10v1to13 Take heed lest you fall
4 1Cor1v10to17 Divisions in the church 22 1Cor10v14to33 The believer's freedom
5 1Cor1v18to25 We preach Christ crucified 23 1Cor11v2to16 A hairy problem
6 1Cor1v26to31 Boasting in the Lord 24 1Cor11v17to34 The Lord's Supper
7 1Cor2 Paul defends his ministry 25 1Cor12v1to11 Spiritual gifts
8 1Cor3v1to9 Infants in Christ 26 1Cor12v12to31 The body of Christ
9 1Cor3v10to17 Christian builders 27 1Cor13 The most excellent way
10 1Cor3v18to23 Cures for Christian disunity 28 1Cor14v1to25 The two gifts
11 1Cor4v1to5 Christ is our Master 29 1Cor14v26to40 The way to worship
12 1Cor4v6to21 Paul: A father in Christ 30 1Cor15v1to11 The Gospel
13 1Cor5 The immoral brother 31 1Cor15v12to34 The resurrection of the dead
14 1Cor6v1to11 Christians in dispute 32 1Cor15v35to58 The resurrection body
15 1Cor6v12to20 Importance of the body 33 1Cor16 Paul wraps it up.
16 1Cor7v1to16 Marriage singleness divorce      
17 1Cor7v17to40 Time and circumstance      
18 1Cor8 Knowledge without love      
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