Luke11v33to36: THE LAMP OF THE BODY

It seems likely that Jesus used the phrase: "No-one lights a lamp and puts it in a place where it will be hidden, or under a bowl" on several occasions because of its general relevance to his teaching. The lamp is the truth. It shouldn't be hidden, like a light under a bushel, but practiced. This is the equivalent of putting a light in the appropriate place - on its stand. I deal with this in detail in an earlier exposition on Luke's gospel: Luke3v16to21.

The remaining verses of the passage are more obscure but they are linked to putting truth into practice. Our lives are lit up by embracing the truth and practising it. We shine with kindness or integrity or generosity. If we reject the truth and refuse to let it inform our lives we will be like cold, dark and gloomy rooms - no good to anyone. I deal with these verses with particular reference to the generous spirit in: Mt6v22to23.html