Nos Reference Title Nos Reference Title
1   Introduction 59 Luke12v22to34 Consider the ravens
2 Luke1v1to4 Luke introduces his gospel 60 Luke12v35to48 Keep your lamps burning
3 Luke1v5to25 Zechariah: Father of John 61 Luke12v49to53 Revival fire
4 Luke1v26to38 Gabriel appears unto Mary 62 Luke12v54to13v9 Repent or perish
5 Luke1v39to56 The Magnificat 63 Luke13v10to21 Controversial Sabbath Healing
6 Luke1v57to80 Zechariah's Song 64 Luke13v22to30 The narrow door
7 Luke2v1to7 The birth of Jesus 65 Luke13v31to35 Jesus' sorrow for Jerusalem
8 Luke2v8to20 The shepherds and the angels 66 Luke14v1to14 Jesus at a Pharisees' house
9 Luke2v21to24 Jesus presented in the temple 67 Luke14v15to24 Parable of the great banquet
10 Luke2v25to32 Simeon and the child Jesus 68 Luke14v25to35 The cost of discipleship
11 Luke2v33to37 Simeon's warning 69 Luke15v1to7 The parable of the lost sheep
12 Luke2v36to38 Old Anna 70 Luke15v8to10 The parable of the lost coin
13 Luke2v39to52 Jesus' first 30 years 71 Luke15v11to32 The parable of the prodigal son
14 Luke3v1to20 John prepares the way 72 Luke16v1to15 Parable of the unjust steward
15 Luke3v21to37 The baptism of Jesus 73 Luke16v19to31 The rich man and Lazarus
16 Luke4v1to13 The temptation of Jesus 74 Luke17v1to10 "Increase our Faith"
17 Luke4v14to30 Jesus rejected at Nazareth 75 Luke17v11to19 Where are the nine?
18 Luke4v31to44 Jesus' ministry at Carpernaum 76 Luke17v20to37 The Second Coming
19 Luke5v1to11 I will make you fishers of men 77 Luke18v1to8 The persistent widow
20 Luke5v12to16 Jesus heals the leper 78 Luke18v9to14 The Pharisee and the Publican
21 Luke5v17to26 Jesus heals a paralytic 79 Luke18v15to17 Little children and Jesus
22 Luke5v27to32 The calling of Levi 80 Luke18v18to25 The rich young ruler
23 Luke5v33to39 Jesus defends his disciples 81 Luke18v24to34 Jesus and his disciples
24 Luke6v1to11 Lord of the Sabbath 82 Luke18v35to43 Bartimaeus receives his sight
25 Luke6v12to16 The twelve disciples 83 Luke19v1to10 Zaccaeus
26 Luke6v17to26 Blessings and woes 84 Luke19v11to27 Parable of the Minas
27 Luke6v27to36 Love your enemies 85 Luke19v28to46 Jesus' entry into Jerusalem
28 Luke6v37to42 Three principles to live by 86 Luke20v1to8 Jesus' authority questioned
29 Luke6v43to45 A tree and its fruit 87 Luke20v9to19 The parable of the Tenants
30 Luke6v46to49 The wise and foolish builders 88 Luke20v20to26 Paying taxes to Caesar
31 Luke7v1to10 The Faith of the Centurion 89 Luke20v27to40 The resurrection and marriage
32 Luke7v11to17 Jesus and the widow of Nain 90 Luke20v41to47 Miscalculations
33 Luke7v18to35 Jesus and John the Baptist 91 Luke21v5to38 The end of the world
34 Luke7v36to50 Jesus and Simon the Pharisee 92 Luke22v1to6 Judas Iscariot
35 Luke8v1to4 Jesus and his women disciples 93 Luke22v7to38 The Last Supper
36 Luke8v4to15 The Parable of the Sower 94 Luke22v39to46 Jesus in Gethsemane
37 Luke8v16to21 Light under a bushel 95 Luke22v47to53 The arrest of Jesus
38 Luke8v22to25 Jesus calms the storm 96 Luke22v54to62 Peter denies Jesus
39 Luke8v26to39 Jesus heals Legion 97 Luke23v1to25 The trial of Jesus
40 Luke8v42to48 The woman who touched 98 Luke23v26to49 The crucifixion of Jesus
41 Luke8v40to56. Jairus' daughter 99 Luke23v50to56 Jesus' burial
42 Luke9v1to9 The Twelve sent out 100 Luke24v1to12 The Resurrection
43 Luke9v10to17 Feeding the five thousand 101 Luke24v13to35 On the road to Emmaus
44 Luke9v18to27 Peter's confession of Christ 102 Luke24v36to53 Jesus appears to the disciples
45 Luke9v28to36 The Transfiguration      
46 Luke9v37to43 The powerless disciples      
47 Luke9v43to56 The fallible disciples      
48 Luke9v57to62 The cost of following Jesus      
49 Luke10v1to24 Jesus sends out the 72      
50 Luke10v25to37 The Good Samaritan      
51 Luke10v38to42 Mary and Martha      
52 Luke11v1to4 The Lord's Prayer      
53 Luke11v5to13 Seek and you will find      
54 Luke11v14to28 Jesus and Beelzebub      
55 Luke11v29to32 The sign of Jonah      
55 Luke11v33to36 The Lamp of the Body      
56 Luke11v37to54 The six woes      
57 Luke12v1to12 Warnings and encouragements      
58 Luke12v13to21 Parable of the rich fool      
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