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1   Introduction 37 Acts15v1to5 Problem, protest & policy
2 Acts1v1to11 Preparation for the Task 38 Acts15v5to21. The Jerusalem Council
3 Acts1v8 You are my Witnesses 39 Acts15v22to39. A monumental bust up.
4 Acts1v12to26 Judas Iscariot 40 Acts16v1to5 Timothy joins the team.
5 Acts1v12to26 The choice of Matthias. 41 Acts16v6to15 A change in direction
6 Acts2v1to13 Pentecost. 42 Acts16v16to24 Paul and the medium.
7 Acts2v14to41 Peter's sermon. 43 Acts16v25to40 The Jailer's question.
8 Acts2v42to47 Fellowship of Believers. 44 Acts17v1to14 Mixed fortunes
9 Acts3v1to10 The healing of the cripple. 45 Acts17v15to34 Paul in Athens
10 Acts3v11to16 Only Jesus. 46 Acts18v1to11 Paul at Corinth
11 Acts3v17to26 Divine overruling. 47 Acts18v12to23 Priorities
12 Acts4v1to12 Resisting the enemy. 48 Acts18v24to28 Apollos instructed
13 Acts4v13to22 Attack and defence. 49 Acts19v1to7 The Ephesus Twelve
14 Acts4v23to31 Forecast and response. 50 Acts19v8to12 Paul in Ephesus.
15 Acts4v32to36 The early church. 51 Acts19v13to20 The 7 sons of Sceva
16 Acts5v1to11 Ananias and Sapphira. 52 Acts19v23to41 The riot in Ephesus.
17 Acts5v12to42 Reactions to the Gospel. 53 Acts20v1to6 The big collection.
18 Acts6v1to7 A problem in the church. 54 Acts20v7to12 A church meeting at Troas
19 Acts6v8to15 Opposition to Stephen. 55 Acts20v17to38 A farewell address
20 Acts7v1to53 Stephen's defence. 56 Acts21v1to21 On to Jerusalem
21 Acts7v51o60 The death of Stephen. 57 Acts21v17to36 One concession too many?
22 Acts8v1to25 Persecuted and scattered. 58 Acts22v1to22 Paul's defence.
23 Acts8v26to40 The Ethiopian Eunuch. 59 Acts23v1to11 Paul outwits the opposition.
24 Acts9v1to19 The conversion of Saul. 60 Acts23v12to35. Claudius Lysias.
25 Acts9v10to19 Saul and Ananias. 61 Acts24 The trial before Felix
26 Acts9v19to31 Paul's first 10 years. 62 Acts25v1to22 Festus takes up Paul's case
27 Acts9v32to43 Aeneas and Dorcas. 63 Acts26v1to23 Paul witnesses to Agrippa
28 Acts10v1to48 Cornelius. 64 Acts26v24to32 Paul's testimony discounted.
29 Acts10v1to48a Peter's challenge. 65 Acts27 The great storm
30 Acts11v1to18 Peter answers his critics. 66 Acts28v1to10 Paul's Maltese interlude.
31 Acts11v19to30 Blessing in Antioch. 67 Acts28v11to31 Paul arrives in Rome.
32 Acts12 The Great Escape. 68   Conclusion
33 Acts13v1to14 The changing leadership.      
34 Acts13v14to41 Paul's missionary sermon.      
35 Acts13v42to52 Reactions to the Gospel.      
36 Acts14v1to25 Galatia: mixed reactions.      
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